Boutique (Le Bouteiller)


If you would like to buy wine, please download the order form and send your request to us by mail or by email. We will take care to fulfil your order to the best of our abilities.

In order to satisfy the many requests, we ask you to respect the possible limits of quantities indicated on certain vintages.

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz reserves the right to reduce the volumes ordered according to the number of bottles available, depending on the vintage.

To avoid any miscommunication on either side, the quantities are listed in number of bottles.

We leave it to you to tell us if you are coming to collect your wines at the domain (indicating a date of passage) or if you prefer shipping to Switzerland, for postage.

We inform you that the wines from the spring order list will be available for sale from May 17, 2024 while stocks last.

For your information, our storage capacities being very limited and the number of orders generally very large, the final validation of your orders is made on the date of collection from the cellar or of delivery depending on the stocks and vintages available on that same date.

It is therefore preferable to choose delivery of your order rather than collection from the cellar if you do not think you will be able to collect your order from the estate within a very short time.


Type of Wine Name of the wine Vintage Size Price CHF
Fendant La Liaudisaz 2023 75 cl 23.50
Fendant Coteaux de Plamont 2023 75 cl 28.00
Fendant élevage 18 mois en demi-muid 2023 75 cl 38.00
Rosé des Copains 2023 75 cl 23.50
Rosé des Copains 2023 37.50 cl 13.00
Grain Gamay Vieilles Vignes 2023 75 cl 38.00
Pinot Noir
Grain Pinot Les Dahrres 2023 75 cl 38.00
Grain Pinot Champ Dury 2022 75 cl 60.00
Red Blend
Ma Puinée 50 cl 16.00
Dôle La Liaudisaz 2023 75 cl 28.00
Dôle La Liaudisaz 2023 37.50 cl 14.50
La Petite Grange 2022 75 cl 36.00
Petit Nature 2023 20 cl 9.00
Grain Nature 2022 75 cl 38.00