Boutique (Le Bouteiller)


If you would like to buy wine, please download the order form and send your request to us by mail or by email. We will take care to fulfil your order to the best of our abilities. 

In order to avoid any miscommunication, quantities are for the number of bottles desired. We also need to know if you prefer to have the wines shipped or if you would rather pick the bottles up at the estate. If the latter, we must know the exact date and timing of your arrival.

In general, our wines are ready from mid-May. Visiting before the end of June is the best time to be sure that quantities are still available. Please note however that Marie-Thérèse reserves the right to reduce order quantities in function of the number of bottles produced in a given year. 

Type of Wine Name of the wine Vintage Size Price CHF
Rosé des Copains 2020 37.50 cl 12.00
Rosé des Copains 2020 75 cl 21.50
Grain Rose 2019 75 cl 30.00
Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris Nature 2019 75 cl 42.00
Pinot Noir
Grain Pinot Les Esserts 2019 75 cl 33.00
Grain Pinot Charrat 2019 75 cl 41.00
Red Blend
Ma Puinée 2019 50 cl 14.00
Petit Nature 2020 20 cl 8.00
Grain Nature Champ Dury 2020 75 cl 38.00
La Petite Grange 2019 75 cl 32.00
Grain Mariage 2019 75 cl 41.00
Sweet Wines
Grain Noble Petite Arvine, Marsanne, Malvoisie 2018 50 cl 55.00
Grain Noble Petite Arvine, Marsanne, Malvoisie 2018 150 cl 165.00